Permitted Books and Calculators

Here is the guide on permitted books and calculators for the ATT examinations.

The list of permitted books that you are able to take into the examination room are detailed in the candidate instructions which are sent to you once you have entered for the examinations. The pictures below are to help for appearance purposes only (candidate copies may have a different date on them). 

Tolley's Yellow Tax Handbook, Tolley's Orange Tax Handbook, including the Finance Act 2017 supplement

and Tolley's Customs and Excise Duties Handbooks


CCH Editions Limited Tax Statutes and Statutory Instruments including the index volume and CCH Purple handbook (customs and duties)


You may take any edition of the books in, or may mix and match (for example, taking Part 1a 2015-16 and Part 1b 2014-15), but may NOT take multiple copies of the same volume (for example, Part 1a 2014-15 and Part 1a 2013-14).

The owner’s name, corrections of the text (e.g. official incorporating of errata, updating of the retail price index) on the relevant pages are permitted.

You may underline, side-line and highlight the permitted books.

You are NOT permitted to bring:

  • The CCH Editions Limited VAT Handbook and Tax Handbook
  • Dictionaries in any language
  • Any other printed or manuscript paper or books

You are NOT allowed to annotate, use ‘post-it’ notes, tag or fold pages in the permitted books.

Presiding Officers and invigilators may look through the permitted books at any time during the examination.

If you are found to be in breach of these rules:

If the Presiding Officer or an invigilator has found that you have:

  • Been in possession of any printed or manuscript paper
  • Been in possession of any non-permitted books
  • Used 'post-it' notes
  • Tagged and/or folded pages in your permtted books

The Presiding Officers and invigilators have absolute power to remove your books and report you to the ATT Examination Steering Group.

The Steering Group may, at its absolute discretion, disqualify you from the exam and report you to the independent Taxation Disciplinary Board.


You may use a noiseless, cordless pocket calculator. This may be programmable, but it must not have a printout or graphic/word display facility in any language.