Alternative Arrangements, Extra Time and Special Consideration

The ATT recognises that some candidates may sit their online (May/November) exams in difficult circumstances.  We have processes in place which enable you to request special consideration, additional time or alternative arrangements. 

Extra Time and Alternative Arrangements

This document gives you information about what alternative arrangements are available and how to apply for them.

If you have specific requirements or need alternative arrangements to sit your examinations, you can apply to ATT for alternative arrangements by completing and returning this form. 

The second page of your application form must be completed by a medical practitioner, educational psychologist or GP. You will need to submit supporting medical documentation (as up to date as possible) along with your form before the closing date of the examination you intend to sit.

If you have previously been granted extra time or special arrangements you will still be required to contact us, to confirm that you still require extra time or special arrangements in subsequent exam sittings. Your extra time/special arrangements will not automatically be applied if you do not contact us.

Special Consideration

You can apply for special consideration if you feel that your performance was affected by serious personal circumstances (such as illness or close bereavement over or immediately preceding the exam period or if you experienced a particular problem on the day) or technical issues during your exam.

In instances where an occurrence is known to have affected all candidates, an acknowledgement email will be sent. These events will automatically be reported to the ATT Examination Steering Group.

How to apply*

You must apply within two weeks of sitting your exam. You must submit an application form and ensure you have these correct details when applying:

  • Your unique five digit candidate number

  • Evidence to upload for serious personal circumstances, for example recent, relevant medical documentation** 

  • Any relevant evidence if you experience technical issues during your exam

  • Explanation drafted of the issues (maximum of 1,000 words)

Note that under no circumstances will applications submitted after the publication of exam results be considered.

* Applications based on issues that occurred but where no proven contact was made to the ATT to resolve beforehand or at the time may be rejected.

**Applications where supporting evidence is not provided will not be accepted.  

What happens next

  • You will receive an acknowledgement of your application within 14 days of submission. (This may be after the application deadline.)
  • Acceptance of your application does not automatically mean a passing exam result will be awarded.
  • All scripts are marked as normal and are identified by candidate number only. Our examiners are not informed of special consideration requests and have no prior knowledge of candidates circumstances.
  • The ATT Examination Steering Group will review accepted applications (identified by candidate number only), all decisions are discretionary and cannot be appealed.
  • You will receive your exam results as normal on results day, you will not be informed of the outcome of the meeting or if consideration was applied to your result.

Your mark is final, however you may apply for a marks breakdown or recheck (this is not a remark), within 21 working days of the publication of results.