Alternative Arrangements, Extra Time and Special Consideration

ATT recognises that some candidates sit their examinations in difficult circumstances or have personal circumstances which may mean it takes longer to read and write than is normally allowed for in an examination. We have processes in place which enable you to request special consideration, additional time or alternative arrangements. This document gives you information about what alternative arrangements are available and how to apply for them.

Extra time and alternative arrangements

If you have specific requirements or need alternative arrangements to sit your examinations, you can apply to ATT for alternative arrangements by completing and returning this form

The second page of your application form must be completed by a medical practitioner, educational psychologist or GP. You will need to submit supporting medical documentation (as up to date as possible) along with your form before the closing date of the examination you intend to sit.

If you have previously been granted extra time or special arrangements you will still be required to contact us, to confirm that you still require extra time or special arrangements in subsequent exam sittings. Your extra time/special arrangements will not automatically be applied if you do not contact us.

Special consideration

If you have taken an examination and feel that your performance was affected by serious personal circumstances (such as illness or close bereavement over or immediately preceding the examination period or if you experienced a particular problem on the day of your examination), you may be eligible for special consideration if you can answer YES to all three questions below:

  1. Did your circumstances affect the examination day itself?
  2. Can you provide independent evidence to ATT to support your application?
  3. Will we receive your letter/email and evidence as appropriate within two weeks of the examination?

If you answered YES to all three questions, then you may submit your request to ATT for special consideration. Please may we draw your attention to the policy below:

Policy for special consideration 

  1. If you decide to proceed with your examination(s) even though you believe that your performance will be affected, you should notify ATT within two weeks after sitting the examination(s) so that this may be noted for review by the Examination Steering Group.
  2. The report must be made in writing by you, with medical confirmation or other evidence if appropriate.
  3. Where serious personal circumstances arise that affect all candidates at an examination centre, the Presiding Officer supervising the examination will be responsible for reporting the facts to ATT. Should you wish to report the matter as well you can of course do so.
  4. All reports of serious personal circumstances will be considered by the Examination Steering Group, who may consult others as it sees fit.
  5. An awareness of your serious personal circumstances will not necessarily result in additional marks being awarded. The decision for the award of additional marks lies solely at the discretion of the Examination Steering Group.
  6. No report of serious personal circumstances submitted after the publication of the results will be considered.

Withdrawing from the written examinations

You may wish to withdraw from the examination if you believe that your performance is likely to be seriously affected by your particular personal circumstances. Please click here for more information on withdrawing from the written examinations.

Computer Based Examinations (CBEs)

If any problems arise during the sititng of the CBEs you should notify the exam supervisor at your chosen test centre. You should then report the matter to ATT within two weeks of the date of your CBE.

Further information on rescheduling CBEs can be found here.