Enter for the ATT Examinations

The November 2020 examination session will be sat via remote invigilation only. All examinations will be held over a two week period from 2 November to 13 November 2020. The date for each individual exam will be confirmed in the near future.

Find out more about remote invigilation. The exam is sat in a place of your choosing. You simply need a room on your own with a good WiFi connection, as you will be typing your answers on your own laptop or PC.

Exam Session Opening and Closing Dates

Session Exam Entry Opens Exam Entry Closes
May Mid-December Last day of February
November Mid-June

Mid-September, exact date to be confirmed shortly

  • You are unable to enter for exams if you are awaiting results from the previous session. You will be able to do so on results release date for that session.

  • You can only enter for the forthcoming exam session and must be a registered student.

  • Late exam entry: Council may, at its absolute discretion, accept an application for late exam entry on payment of an additional fee, currently £100.  The exact date for late exam entry closing will be confirmed shortly.  

  • Exemptions: You must apply for any exemptions before the closing date of your final written paper(s).


  • Papers 1 — 6: £165
  • Computer Based Examinations: £90

The Association strives to provide the best possible examination conditions for its students. However, the Association cannot take responsibility for circumstances or events outside its control which occur at examination venues during the period of the examinations, for example external noise, climate conditions, industrial action affecting travel etc.

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