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Important information

Following an evaluation of the remotely invigilated June/July exam sitting of ATT Paper 4 Corporate Taxation, we have decided that it is not appropriate to use the same software product for the full November examination session. The experience for candidates sitting this first remotely invigilated emergency summer session was too variable. 

To ensure the best possible exam experience for candidates, we have decided to use Exam4 software for the November session. Our sister body, CIOT, has used the Exam4 app successfully for many years for the ADIT (Advanced Diploma in International Tax) exams. Exam4 will allow you to type your answers using your own laptop or desktop computer and the app is compatible with both Windows and Mac. Exam4 is not a remote invigilated system.

How Exam4 works 

Exam4 is essentially a word processor which you can use to type and securely submit your answers at the end of the exam. You can use basic tools, for example using tabs to create tables, cut/copy and paste your answers, and text formatting such as bold, underline and italics. You will require an internet connection at the start of the exam to get your exam paper and also at the end of the exam to submit your answers, but you don’t need to be connected during the exam itself, albeit it is recommended you do not disconnect if possible. Exam4 will also automatically backup your work as you type.

You can run a sample exam before your exam day, which will be one of the papers from the November 2019 exam session.  It is provided simply to give you an opportunity to test the software, familiarise yourself with the interface and ensure Exam4 works on your device. Once you have finished familiarising yourself with how Exam4 works, you can also submit the sample exam to ensure that the online submission process works on your device and you will get an onscreen notification from Exam4 that submission was successful.  Please note that anything you submit will not be marked, as it is simply being provided to help you become familiar with Exam4 and ensure it works on your device ahead of the day of your exam.  You will not receive any confirmation from the CIOT that your sample exam has been submitted, only the onscreen notification from Exam4.

Detailed Exam4 guidance and information can be found here.

Changes to exam regulations

The November 2020 exams will be open book, as well as uninvigilated. This is due to the current situation regarding COVID-19 rather than a permanent change to our exams. You are reminded that you are bound by the ATT ethical guidelines, must behave in the appropriate manner as a tax professional, act with integrity, receive no external assistance and sit the exam in a room alone. ID information will still be required, further details on this process will follow in due course.

The dates for the November 2020 exams are unchanged. 

2021 examinations

Exams will be conducted remotely for 2021, and we will not be returning to exam halls. We will share more information on 2021 exams in due course as we continue to adapt.

November 2020 exam dates and times

All exams are 3 hours and 30 mins

Monday 2 November

10am — ATT Paper 5: IHT, Trusts & Estates

2.30pm — ATT Paper 6: VAT

Tuesday 3 November

10am — ATT Paper 3: Business Compliance

2.30pm — ATT Paper 4: Corporate Taxation

Wednesday 4 November

10am — Paper 1: Personal Taxation

Thursday 5 November

10am — ATT Paper 2: Business Taxation

Exam Session Opening and Closing Dates

Session Exam Entry Opens Exam Entry Closes
May Mid-December Last day of February
November 21 July

18 September

  • You are unable to enter for exams if you are awaiting results from the previous session. You will be able to do so on results release date for that session.

  • You can only enter for the forthcoming exam session and must be a registered student.

  • Late exam entry: Council may, at its absolute discretion, accept an application for late exam entry on payment of an additional fee, currently £100.  Late exam entry will close on 30 September.  

  • Exemptions: You must apply for any exemptions before the closing date of your final written paper(s).


The up-to-date fees can be found here.

The Association strives to provide the best possible examination conditions for its students. However, the Association cannot take responsibility for circumstances or events outside its control which occur at examination venues during the period of the examinations, for example external noise, climate conditions, industrial action affecting travel etc.

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