Portfolio of Evidence

The Portfolio of Evidence will contain Training Logs for each of the Progress Review Periods and a Reflective Statement covering what the apprentice has done, how and why they have done it and reflect on anything they would have done differently or have learned through the process.

Summary of roles and responsibilities

What is a Reflective Statement?

The Reflective Statement aspect of the Portfolio of Evidence can be produced as a written statement and will be assessed by our independent assessors. Other options are available if required, please contact us for more information.

What is it for?

The Reflective Statement is designed to cover what the apprentice has presented as evidence in their portfolio, and should address how and why they have done it. It must then add a personal appraisal and evaluation of the work, and how they might have done something differently and what they have learned as a result of producing the evidence.

Further guidance?

Please find the ATT's further guidance on the expectations of the Portfolio of Evidence and Reflective Statement here