Course Providers

Available Course providers

Here is a list of course providers for the ATT for different locations across the UK:  

Please note that course providers are listed purely alphabetically.  There is no preference implied in the order which these course providers are listed. 

What should your course include?

As an ATT student, it is important to choose a properly structured course of study that is tailored to the ATT exams.  
Your course could include a variety of distance learning opportunities, introductory courses, link courses, and revision courses for the exam. To maximise your chances of passing, we recommend a combination of distance learning courses, online learning and/or intensive revision courses.  

Remember to do your research

Before you choose a course, make sure you research the expertise of the lecturers.

You will also want to find out how many students are enrolling on the course, the number sitting the exam, information on any guaranteed pass schemes, and the exam pass rates. 

Be prepared

Try to do as much written work as possible before the big day. One of the main reasons why some people fail the exam is that they aren’t prepared, so focus on answering as many practice questions as possible. This will give you a better idea of what to expect during the exam. 

Do not forget to register as an ATT student 

You must register as a student with the ATT at least four months before you can book your first exam. View more guidance on registering as a student.

Then enter for an exam

For the May session, you must enter by the last day of February. 

For the November session, you must enter by the last day of August. 

View more guidance on how to enter for an ATT exam.

Remember you are responsible for your registration and exam entry.  


The ATT neither controls, nor supervises, any of the course providers and is therefore not responsible for their conduct or content. 

If you would like more information on dates, enrolment or course content, please contact the course provider directly. Make sure you request full details of the course before registering. 

Need more information? 

Please email us at education [at]