Organising Branch Events

We are aware that branches have a great deal of experience in running events but here are a few basic principles that we recommend.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Attendence at branch events is a good way for members to achieve their CPD requirements.

Please remember that the CPD regulations changed from 1 January 2017. Members now need to do the CPD relevant to their role and there is no longer a minimum hours requirement.

References to CPD in the advertising of branch events should not refer to the event providing a certain number of hours of CPD. (There could however be a footnote saying that 'If you need confirmation of attendance at an event and the number of hours for another professional body's CPD requirements, please speak to the Member Services Team at Head Office.) Instead we suggest you use the following wording 'Attendance at branch events counts towards your CPD provided that it is relevant to your work'.

Meet and Greet

Where possible, try to have a registration desk where Branch Officers can greet members as they arrive. You may also be able to identify first time attendees at your event and make them especially welcome.

Wear your name badge

If you require name badges, please contact branches [at] (subject: Request%20for%20name%20badges) (Head Office).

Branding your event

Please remember that all branch events must be jointly branded with both CIOT and ATT logos and refer to the branding guidelines in this section of the handbook.

'Meet the President' events

If you wish to invite the CIOT and/or ATT President to attend an event, please contact us:

  • president [at] (subject: ATT%20President%20invitation) (ATT)
  • president [at] (subject: CIOT%20President%20invitation) (CIOT)

Advertising your event in Tax Adviser

  • We are happy to include half-page advertisements for forthcoming branch events in Tax Adviser. Please follow these guidelines:
  • The deadline for Tax Adviser is the first Friday in the month for inclusion in the following month's issue.
  • Please contact branches [at] (Head Office) if you wish to advertise in Tax Adviser.
  • Our in-house media design team will produce your advertisement. Please include all the information you wish to be included in your advertisement by the deadline above in order to ensure that Head Office can also meet its deadlines.
  • If you wish to pubish a report of an event, please send us your written report in a Word document, together with high resolution photographs as soon after the event as possible.