What is a Certificate of Competency? 

When you have passed one (or more) of the written papers you can apply for a Certificate (which will demonstrate to potential employers and clients that you have met the ATT’s knowledge requirements

Credits (exemptions) from one or more of the papers are available to those who meet the criteria as set out here.


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Consultations and requests for input from our members.

We are frequently invited to comment on matters of tax law or practice, and we also submit proactive papers where we feel there are issues to be raised or we wish to stimulate

By Kevin Howbrook on 7 October 2015 | 0 Replies
<p>ou may be experiencing a problem, but aren&rsquo;t sure if it&rsquo;s specific to your client. Posting the details will allow others to comment and will provide invaluable information for the CIOT/ATT Working Together Technical Officer to take to HMRC through the Issue Resolution...

The CIOT & ATT have published the results of their member survey into HMRC Powers: Penalties, Compliance Checks and Reviews. The survey ran during February 2015 and asked questions about the operation of HMRC’s powers in practice.