Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is a means of ensuring that members of a particular profession maintain their expertise by keeping up to date with recent developments. 

As a member of ATT your conduct is governed by the following fundamental principles:

  • Integrity
  • Objectivity
  • Professional competence and due care
  • Confidentiality
  • Professional behaviour

Whatever your chosen specialisation in taxation, you must demonstrate your commitment to maintaining your professional knowledge and skill and compliance with ATT CPD Regulations. It is not only in the interests of your own career development to do so, but also for the benefit of the public.

The first step is to consider what you are trying to achieve as a Tax Adviser and what is expected of you in your current job from your employer, your clients, your professional body, the authorities and the general public.

Consider your personal aims, for example: job promotion, job change, improved skills, greater confidence. Then you must consider what you have to learn in order to achieve these aims and identify your own strengths and where you need to improve. You won’t be able to fulfil all your aspirations at once so you must prioritise the action that you plan to take.

CPD Requirements 

From January 2017 new CPD regulations came into force and the updated regulations and guidance is detailed here.  Members could choose to adopt the new regulations when recording and providing details for 2016.

The Branch Network offers a programme of technical lectures and seminars designed to meet the training needs of members; some of which also carry Law Society accreditation. The Annual Tax Conferences are also a good source of CPD.

CPD Forms

A 2019 CPD form is available here.

Please note that in 2019 you will be required to self-certify your CPD compliance as part of an Annual Return which will be completed on a calendar year looking at the period 1st January to 31st December 2019. You do not need to make a separate declaration of CPD compliance in January.

2018 CPD form

2017 CPD form

2016 CPD form