How to use Exam4

Are you planning to sit the online exams this November? On this page you will find helpful videos showing you how to use Exam4.

Launching Exam4

In this video we show you how to start an exam after you have installed the Exam4 app. Watch this video to know what to expect, and ensure you enter the correct details when launching your exam.

Using Exam4

In this video, we show you what Exam4 looks like, how and when to fetch your question paper, and the range of functions available to you. Watch this video to know what to expect from your exam day experience.

Coming soon

We will upload more videos about Exam4 soon, including:

  • Typing up calculations in Exam4

    Typing calculations is easy, using tabs to create simple tables. Here is an example of a table created in Exam4. We will be sharing a video to show you how to type calculations in Exam4 soon.

  • Submitting your exam

    You will need to take just a few small steps to submit your exam. We will show you what you need to do in a helpful video soon.