Why employers choose ATT

 We ask employer Abbey Tax about the benefits of ATT. 

What are the most common qualifications that employees study for at Abbey Tax?

The most common qualifications undertaken are ATT and CTA.

What are the benefits of employees studying the ATT qualification?

The ATT provides wider exposure to the UK tax regime. This is essential for our Advisory roles. We advise on all areas of direct and indirect tax, and the ATT is hugely beneficial when looking at these areas.

How does Abbey Tax support employees through their qualifications? 

We provide time for study, mentoring and financial support, with study and revision courses being paid for by the Company. Many of our Advisors have undertaken ATT and CTA, so their practical experience of the courses is enormously beneficial for those embarking on study.

What do students enjoy about studying the ATT?

As one of our ATT students puts it: “I like that the ATT will provide a far broader tax knowledge than I could have obtained at HMRC, where work of a certain nature tends to be centralised and dealt with by specialist teams (minimising exposure for people not within those teams). As well as providing a general background, ATT offers the flexibility for you to choose the area that you want to specialise in, which can complement the job holder’s role.”

What do you look for when recruiting tax professionals?

We look for people with knowledge across a wide range of UK taxes, as well as the skills, drive and determination to succeed within an expanding yet friendly organisation. Where possible, we look for this specialist knowledge to be supported by an ATT/CTA qualification. Given the depth of questions posed, an Advisor must have practical experience of UK taxes. We are then able to build upon that knowledge with the ATT and CTA qualifications. 

What areas do Abbey Tax specialise in?

Abbey Tax is the UK’s leading provider of Fee Protection and tax and funding consultancy services to accountancy firms. The business trades under two brands: Abbey Tax Insurance Services and Abbey+. Collectively the two brands work with over 2000 accountancy practices throughout the UK. Abbey Tax Insurance Services provides Fee Protection Insurance to business and personal clients in the event of an HMRC enquiry whilst also offering free advice line services to our client base.

For more information on Abbey Tax visit www.abbeytax.co.uk