The ATT Trailblazer Apprenticeship launched

On 19 October, the ATT officially launched the new ATT Trailblazer Apprenticeship at an event in London.  The launch event was a great way for employers and their employees to learn about the newly-designed trailblazer Apprenticeship schemes and the Level 4 Professional Tax Technician Apprenticeship standards and photographs from the event can be found here. These new apprenticeships have been designed to be more aligned with the knowledge, skills and behaviours that employers are looking for. 


One of the most attractive aspects for many employers is the potential for funding support towards the cost of training eligible apprentices through the Apprenticeship Levy.  The Professional Tax Technician Apprenticeship has been classified as eligible for funding at band 9, which means there is a maximum contribution of £9,000 available towards training costs.

For those firms that pay the levy, provided all other conditions are met, funding for the apprenticeship can be taken from their digital levy account.  For firms that do not pay the levy, provided they are willing to co-invest 10% of the costs, the Government will pay up to 90% of the maximum funding band.

Importantly funding is also available to existing staff provided they are receiving significantly new training.  There is no age limit on who can take up an apprenticeship, the individual just needs to be over 16.

Apprenticeships are therefore a cost effective way of increasing the skills and capability of your staff.

The Professional Tax Technician Apprenticeship and the ATT qualification

As part of the on-programme phase of the new trailblazer apprenticeship, the apprentice will study for the ATT qualification and take the ATT examinations. 

The training phase has to last a minimum of 12 months, and the apprentice must spend at least 20% of their time on off-the-job training.  This includes not just training with an external provider but also training at the apprentice’s normal place of work which is not part of their normal working duties.  This could include shadowing, mentoring, learning support and time spent writing assessments or assignments.

At the end of the on-programme phase the successful candidate will have completed their professional ATT examinations and, subject to the necessary two years relevant experience, will be eligible to join the ATT. 

The End-Point Assessment

Once the initial training phase is complete and the apprentice is assessed to be provisionally competent they go through the gateway to the End-Point Assessment (EPA).  The EPA is a new element to apprenticeships which includes a role simulation and a portfolio of evidence.  

The two elements of the EPA combine to enable the apprentice to demonstrate their real world skills and reflect on what they have achieved.  Once the apprentice has passed the EPA they will be issued with a Certificate of Competence by the Institute for Apprenticeships.

More details on all aspects of the ATT Trailblazer Apprenticeship can be found here.


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