Booking CBEs

Sitting your CBEs

You have the choice of booking to sit your CBE either:

  • At a Prometric test centre
  • Remotely using Prometric’s secure remote-assessment platform, ProProctor.

You must read the guidance below in full before choosing which way is appropriate for you to sit your CBE.

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Booking a test centre

For ATT students, to book or reschedule (change the time, date or venue) of an existing CBE booking at a Prometric test centre, click below. Under the heading “Scheduling Your Test”, pick option 1 to schedule an exam in a test centre..

ATT - Book to sit at a test centre

For Tax Pathway students, click below.  Under the heading “Scheduling Your Test”, pick option 1 to schedule an exam in a test centre.

Tax Pathway - Book to sit at a test centre

Available Test Centres

Belfast, Birmingham, Bournemouth, Bristol, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Guernsey, Isle of Man, Jersey, Leeds, Liverpool, (City of) London, Manchester, Newcastle, Peterborough and Southampton.

Booking a remote CBE

As a pilot, for the next six months the ATT are offering the option to also sit your CBE remotely using Prometric’s software ProProctor. 

Before you book

Familiarise yourself with the candidate guidance and the ProProctor User Guide before booking your remote assessment.  You can also find Prometric's FAQs on ProProctor here.

Watch the following video, for step-by-step information about sitting your remote assessment using ProProctor and know what to expect on your test day.

ProProctor: What to Expect on Test Day from Prometric.

System requirements

Check your device meets the system requirements to use ProProctor and run the System Readiness Check.

You must also be able to download and install the ProProctor app on your device. 

If your device does not meet these requirements, you will have to sit at a test centre. 

Corporate devices

If you are using a corporate device, you must disconnect from your VPN.  This is the most common reason candidates fail to successfully complete their remote CBE and is part of the conditions of testing using ProProctor.   There is more information on using corporate devices here, which is from the Prometric FAQs.

Wherever possible, we recommend using a personal device to limit issues that can occur on corporate devices.

Ready to book?

The more you know about what to expect from the remote CBE, the more comfortable you can feel on the day.  It is your responsibility to familiarise yourself with the guidance and ensure your device meets the system requirements before booking your CBE.

Remote assessment slots are available 7 days a week.

Before booking, you should be aware that:

  • You must make sure you pick the correct time zone (GMT) when booking your exam
  • It may take some time to connect to your readiness agent, so even if you have not yet connected and the time is now past your listed start time, you are not missing your test
  • You must not disconnect once you launch ProProctor - the screen might go black for a moment whilst it is loading or it might not always be obvious whether the screen has frozen whilst you are waiting to connect, but you must wait for it to process and not disconnect nor click exit, otherwise it may end your session
  • Even though the length of the CBE itself is one hour, you must leave a minimum of two hours to complete the end-to-end process, from checking in and going through security, right through to completing your CBE
  • Once you connect to the readiness agent, you cannot leave the screen of your device and your face must be visible at all times, otherwise your session might be terminated
  • You cannot have any food with you, so make sure you are ready to sit at your desk for up to two hours and only have water in a clear, transparent container or glass
  • You must have prepared your workstation and room so that it is acceptable per the "Remote Proctoring Environments: Dos and Don'ts" is the ProProctor User Guide. If for example you have a bookcase in your room that you are testing in, you will be asked to cover it with a sheet.
  • You will not be able to contact the ATT to discuss your test nor assist with any issues you are experiencing, if you have queries you must contact the support facilities provided by Prometric
  • Sitting remotely will feel very different to sitting in a test centre, including a very thorough security check of your room and your person, so you must make sure you are comfortable sitting this way as by booking you are agreeing to abide by the rules and regulations
  • The use of pen and paper are strictly prohibited. Candidates will have the use of an onscreen ‘scratchpad’ for rough workings. (This is similar to Windows Notepad or Mac TextEdit.)

For ATT student, under the heading “Scheduling Your Test” pick option 2 to schedule a remote CBE.

ATT – Book to sit a remote CBE

For Tax Pathway students, under the heading “Scheduling Your Test” pick option 2 to schedule a remote CBE.

Tax Pathway - book to sit a remote CBE

Rescheduling a Booking

To reschedule a booking you will need your 16 digit confirmation number that can be found in your appointment confirmation email.

  • Bookings cannot be rescheduled on the day they are due to take place
  • Rescheduled bookings may be subject to a rescheduling fee
  • Back-to-back bookings cannot be separated into two separate bookings

If you decide you longer want to sit your CBE at any point in the future, you can cancel your booking. Cancelling will completely delete your booking from the database and result in a full forfeiture of your paid fees.

To reschedule a remote CBE for a ProProctor booking, click here.

To cancel a remote CBE for a ProProctor booking, click here.

Resitting a CBE

If your CBE attempt is unsuccessful, you must wait 72 hours before you can book again.


To obtain a receipt for your CBE appointment, please click here.