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Who We Are

Technical Steering Group Members

Technical Steering Group is chaired by Paul Hill

Paul is in general practice in St Ives, Cambridgeshire and represents ATT on the Compliance Reform Forum and the Corporation Tax Operational Consultative Committee.

Other Steering Group members are:

Graham Batty

Graham is an associate director with Baker Tilly in Birmingham. He has a particular interest in the taxation of charities and other not-for-profit organisations and is a member of the HMRC/charity sector joint working group on the reform of the substantial donors legislation.

Trevor Blackmur

Trevor works in the area of personal taxation and payroll and represents ATT on the HMRC Employment Consultation Forum and the Benefits and Expenses Sub-group.

Gillian McClenahan

Gillian is a sole practitioner trading as Willplantax. She specialises in trust and estate planning and compliance, including drafting tax efficient willls. She sits on the HMRC Working Together group for Northern Ireland, in Belfast.

Brian Palmer

Brian is a former member of ATT Council and a past President of the Association of Accounting Technicians. He has been the AAT representative on the Working Together National Steering Group and was the founder of the e-services sub group. Brian is a passionate believer in there being a definite need for HMRC and the profession to have a close working relationship at the operational level.

David Bradshaw

David is a Chartered Accountant and Chartered Tax Adviser having specialized in taxation for over 30 years in both the SME marketplace and large corporate tax departments. David now provides in-house tax services acting as a part time Tax Director for a number of North East businesses. He deals with all corporate tax administration matters on site at a number of local businesses. At the same time David is involved in supporting, on a consultancy basis, local small accountancy and legal practices providing a significantly wide range of taxation services - taking him full circle to his early days as a general tax specialist.

Ann Elmer

Ann has a small practice where she specialises in private clients and small businesses starting up. She represents ATT on the recently formed HMRC High Net Worth Forum.

Margaret Ferguson

Margaret is a tax generalist. Based in Aberdeen she monitors all things Scottish, including the diving industry and the Scottish Tax Rate Proposals.

Peter Gravestock

Peter is a past President of the Association. He was a tax lecturer and general practitioner covering personal taxes, VAT and NI. He is a member of the HMRC Powers committee.

Arnold Homer

Arnold Homer represents ATT on the HMRC Fraud Forum, having practised in Revenue Investigation Work for many years. He is a Chartered Accountant, Chartered Tax Adviser and Trust & Estate Practitioner. He is the founding author of the Tolley’s Tax Guide and the Taxwise publications, having combined that role with that of lecturer in Taxation & Revenue Law and specialist taxation work .

Yvette Nunn

Yvette is also a past President of the Association, member of ATT Council and past Chairman of Membership Committee. She is a practising Tax Adviser in Birmingham, specialising in acting for entrepreneurial clients, and particularly those engaged in Research and Development.

Hayley Perkin

Hayley is a member of ATT Council and sits on Members Steering Group. She is a tax supervisor with Wilkins Kennedy LLP in London Bridge, and is specialising in personal taxation and employment taxes

Nichola Ross Martin

Nichola is the National Tax Director of an internet 'virtual' tax practice which provides tax support for accounting firms across the UK. She specialises in owner-managed businesses. She has also worked as a tax editor for various tax and legal websites.

Michael Steed

Michael is a member of ATT Council and the current Vice President. Michael is Kaplan Financial's leading authority on indirect taces and works closely with both practice and industry clients providing highly bespoke products to meet their exact training needs.

Patrick Stevens

Patrick is Tax Policy Director of the ATT (and the CIOT). He had a long career in practice in most parts of the tax profession dealing with many different areas of tax. His final 17 years were as a tax and managing partner in one of the Big 4. This is his retirement job which somehow became a little more full time than intended!

Jon Stride

Jon is the ATT Representative on the Bournemouth and Dorset Working Together Group and is Vice Chairman of the CIOT Working Together Sub-Committee. He has been a committee member of the Somerset and Dorset Branch of ATT/CIOT since 2001. Jon works in practice in North Dorset. He has previously worked for top ten companies and in the personal tax compliance section of a private investment bank.

Stephen Taylor

Stephen is a partner in practice specialising in VAT. He is joint author of several CCH VAT publications and is the ATT representative on the Joint VAT Consultative Committee (JVCC). Prior to joining Technical Committee, Stephen was for 8 years Chairman of the SW England Branch.

VAT sub-group members

Stephen Taylor (Chairman)

Hugh Mitchell

Bod Davies

Julian Millinchamp

Alex Millar

Michael Steed

Sunil Sampat

Neil Warren

Professional Staff

Alison Ward: Technical Officer

Alison works three days a week for ATT. Her role includes supporting members of Technical Steering Group, drafting responses to relevant consultations, representing ATT in meetings with HMRC and other bodies, and liaising with the Chartered Institute of Taxation and Low Incomes Tax Reform Group Technical Officers. Alison’s particular focus is on personal tax, trust and estates, tax credit/ universal credits and employer issues.

Will Silsby: Technical Officer

Will works four days a week for ATT. His ATT role is very similar to Alison Ward's (see above) but with a particular emphasis on business tax related issues. He has previously served as an Inspector of Taxes and worked in two national practices. Will writes on HMRC enquiries for CCH and he is also a member of the First-tier Tax Tribunal.


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