Student Training Days

Question-based training for ATT Students

Fine tune your examination skills for key topics by getting advice from expert tutors.

These training sessions are intended for students taking their ATT examinations and concentrates on the more demanding aspects of the topics, and the exam technique needed for the relevant paper. Tutors will work through past exam questions giving guidance on how to score the marks required for a good pass, as well as covering some of the important technical points. A good exam technique can be the difference in passing or failing a paper.

The training days for the May 2017 exam session have now ended but please check back later for training days taking place before the November 2017 session.

What previous attendees have said

"[Webinar] The tutor was excellent, he presented the material clearly, offered good explanations to any queries and provided full support to all students. A very enjoyable and worthwhile experience, thank you." | Autumn 2016

"It is a great chance to work on similar questions to the exam and get a grasp of the topics covered." | Spring 2016

"I would definitely recommend [the day], especially for individuals like myself who are self-studying gives a much better understanding of the style of answers required. Also information about the exam day was given and this would be useful for people sitting their first exam to give then an idea of what to expect." | Autumn 2015

"The day was really helpful in relation to how to approach the questions and seeing the interaction between different areas." | Spring 2015