Course Providers

Now that you have decided to study for the exam, the Association strongly recommends that you follow a course of study that specifically prepares you for the exam. The courses list is compiled from information provided by the organisations listed. The Association does not control or supervise any of these courses and is in no way responsible for their content or conduct.

When deciding upon your course provider, we recommend that you ask questions concerning:

  • the qualifications and expertise of the lecturers
  • the number of students on the course
  • the number of students sitting the examination
  • examination pass rates.

You may find you would benefit from following a distance learning course and attending evening classes and/or intensive revision courses.

Colleges cannot afford to run courses unless enough students enrol before the commencement date for the course. This is particularly important for Local Authority Controlled Colleges running evening classes.

You are advised that you do not need to wait until the beginning of term to enroll. It is never too early to start your preparation.

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