New Trailblazer Apprenticeship Scheme from 2017

ATT offers new Trailblazer Apprenticeship scheme from 2017

The government is replacing the existing Apprenticeship scheme with a new employer-designed Trailblazer scheme. The ATT is proud to confirm it will be part of the Level 4 Professional Accounting/Tax Technician Apprenticeship standard.

Under the new Trailblazer, an Apprentice will be required to detail the Knowledge, Skills and Behaviours to prove competence in their role as a Tax Technician.

There will be two routes available under the Trailblazer Apprenticeship to complete the on programme assessment element – an Examination route or a Work Experience route. If the Examination route is followed for the Tax Technician stream, then the Apprentice will be required to successfully complete the ATT Professional examinations. More details will follow in due course on what can be expected if an Apprentice follows the Work Experience route, but they will be required to demonstrate the Knowledge, Skills and Behaviours as shown in the Apprenticeship standard. The Apprenticeship standard can be found here.

There will be similarities with the existing Higher Apprenticeship scheme, for example Apprentices will still have a quarterly progress review meeting with their employer and be required to create a portfolio of work as detailed evidence of their competency in each of the required standards.

The ATT's Handbook which details how to build the portfolio can be download below:

PDF iconTrailblazer Portfolio Handbook

One of the key differences under the Trailblazer is that all Apprentices will be required to sit an end-point assessment. This examination will be based on the specialist training to become a Tax Technician. However, it will not just examine technical aspects. It will also test the non-technical skills that the Apprentice will have demonstrated through the work based assignments.

The end-point assessment will be a series of up to six short tasks, based around pre-seen information which will be available to the Apprentice in advance of the examination. The exam is likely to be two hours in length and will cover a range of the knowledge areas, effectively forming a mini case-study.

More details and guidance will be announced in Autumn 2017.