Chartered Tax Adviser

This is a profile for a role for a tax qualified individual (CTA ). You will be able to explain complicated tax legislation/rulings, and its implications for the company, in simple terms to the senior members of the company. Equally, it will be your responsibility to keep the company abreast of all legal taxation matters that could have an impact of the running of a successful tax practice.

Duties and responsibilities could include:

  • Researching, analysing and interpreting of changing tax legislation in relation to their services;
  • HMRC enquiry work / Tax Tribunals;
  • Drafting of relevant documentation for correct implementation of their products;
  • Creation of new Occupational Pension Schemes / pension transfer-in’s;
  • Establishing and structuring family trusts, both on-shore and off-shore;
  • Dealing with Trademarks, Licences and Royalty payments;
  • Overseeing implementation of subsidiary company in the Channel Islands;
  • Examine and evaluate new tax structures presented to company via Barristers / QC’s;
  • Instructing Counsel on differing topics;
  • Execute any litigation work company may need to address;
  • Review and amend all of company’s existing externally sent documentation (such as non-disclosure agreements, introducer agreements, letters of engagement.)
  • Review and amend our internal documentation (such as employment contracts)
  • Verification that company complies to FSA/HMRC regulations
  • Assisting the Business Tax Team during significant transactions, such as the disposal / acquisition of UK entities / assets.
  • Assisting with corporate tax planning initiatives.
  • Assisting in calculating any Transfer Pricing adjustments.
  • Responsibility for managing and updating Group tax policies, systems and documentation and reviewing the impact of new tax laws, tax accounting standards and tax practices as they impact your client portfolio.

Person Specification:

  • Understanding the requirements of DOTAS;
  • Workings of UK tax law and HMRC provisions;
  • Sound knowledge of the UK pension system, preferably both Approved and Unapproved;
  • Understanding of Estate planning / tax residence / domicile matters;
  • Excellent communication, listening and telephone skills
  • An interest in financial products and markets
  • Good mathematical and computer skills
  • The ability to analyse and research information
  • Excellent ability to draft company reports
  • Strong desire to take a new department and transform it into something prosperous.