Careers resources for volunteers

An increasing number of ATT/CIOT members at all levels in their career, and from different organisations, have started to volunteer in a local school, college, university or career fair, and help young people understand the working world of tax. Some do this of their own accord and others do it as part of an initiative (e.g. Inspiring The Future).

To support volunteer members, a ‘Career Pack’ has been developed containing literature and marketing collateral for any career event!

  1. PowerPoint slide template for volunteers to adapt can be downloaded here, examples of what other volunteers have done can be downloaded here and here
  2. ATT/CIOT joint banner stand
  3. Freebies (e.g. pens, post-its etc)
  4. Brochures
  1. ATT Credits for previous qualifications
  2. Higher Apprenticeships - A Guide For Employers
  3. Higher Apprenticeships - A Guide For Parents and Learners
  4. Guide to the tax profession (by InsideCareers)
  5. Name badges for the ATT/CIOT volunteer
  6. Tax Guide for Students website
  7. Careers volunteer activity flowchart
  8. Branches Forum (October 2014) launch of resources PowerPoint presentation
  9. Things to think about when communicating with schools and children - Paper from PR Agency McKenna Townsend

To order any of the above materials, please email:

comms [at] / comms [at]

0207 340 0550 / 0207 340 0551