Steering Groups and Committees

Each Steering Group and Committee is accountable to Council and has a responsibility to act in accordance with the strategy and objectives as set out in their Terms of Reference. This includes both consideration and delivery of items delegated from Council and also referral to Council of any matters identified at the Steering Group which have a wider relevance or require Council approval.

Each Steering Group/committee is chaired by a member of Council and supported by ATT executive staff.

Audit and Risk Committee (a joint Committee with the Chartered Institute of Taxation):

  • Reviews any matters relating to the appointment of the external auditors and internal financial control policies for both ATT and the CIOT;
  • Provides a platform for input by Committee members to the CIOT Officers' Group and ATT Leadership Team on managing risk and challenging the operation of the risk management process.

Business Developmnent Steering Group

  • Oversees the marketing activies of ATT, including the strategy for growth in student and member numbers and the employer engagement programme.

Education Steering Group

  • Oversees the educational strategy of ATT.

Examination Steering Group

  • Oversees the administration arrangements for the exams.

Finance Steering Group

  • Oversees the financial activities of the ATT, including the safe management of ATT's assets.

Member Steering Group

  • Oversees the needs of current and future members and their employers.

Professional Standards Committee (a joint committee with the Chartered Institute of Taxation)

  • Sets and makes members and students aware of the high ethical standards expected of them;
  • Monitors developments in Government and other professional bodies and benchmarks the requirements of CIOT and ATT against the same;
  • Acts as an AML supervisory authority for members of both bodies who register for supervision by one or other body.

Technical Steering Group

  • Oversees the technical activities of the ATT.