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What does a career in tax offer?

A career in tax offers more than you might think
Tax offers graduates and school leavers a varied and interesting career. And with tax qualifications such as the ATT, it offers them professional status and the rewards that go with it.

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A high demand for tax professionals
All individuals and business are subject to tax compliance and because tax laws are ever-changing there will always be a need for qualified people to help with their tax affairs.

Entering the tax profession
Most people begin their careers in tax as a trainee in an accountancy firm after ‘A’ levels or as graduates. For the majority of trainees the first professional qualification they take is the ATT. At any one time there are over 4,000 ATT students not only from accountants but law firms, the public sector and companies in all industry sectors. In most cases employers pay for training and examination fees.

Click here for a list of some of the employers that currently support students through the ATT.

Registering as a student – key deadlines
All students must register with the ATT as an individual. They can register at any time, but there are two annual registration deadlines. Register by 31 October to take exams the following May and register by 30 April for the following November sitting.

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Image from ATT Careers brochureStudy, examinations and ATT membership
Students need to pass examinations in three written papers and two E-assessments. There are two compulsory papers and one option from a choice of four. To become an ATT member, students also need to have two years’ relevant work experience. See right-hand diagram for the route to ATT membership.

Training courses
Registered students would be well advised to enrol with a training course provider. The ATT does not provide training. Click here for current course providers.

Resources for Careers Officers
To download the ATT ‘Information for Careers Officers’ brochure please click here.
To download the ATT Poster for Careers departments please click here.


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